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Applying for U.S. Government Jobs Guide

Projecting to hire 193,000 new employees over the next two years, the U.S. government is a great place to look for a great career. The federal government is the largest single employer in the United States, with almost 2 million civilian workers. About 1.6 million are full-time permanent employees. Contrary to popular belief, five of six federal employees work outside the Washington, D.C. area, in locations across the U.S. and even abroad. Federal employees work in 15 cabinet-level agencies; 20 large, independent agencies and 80 smaller agencies. When you apply for a job in federal government, there are some specific instructions you need to follow in order to give your application best chance of winning an interview: Applying for  a Government Job The best and easiest way to find and apply for government jobs is now online through the website, the federal government’s official employment portal. Applying for jobs on is a six-step process: Create a USAJOBS account: You will first need to create a personal account on USAJOBS. is service that that offers safe, secure, and private online access to a wide range of government programs, such as federal benefits, services, and applications. A single account enables you to use the same username and password to sign into multiple government websites, including a USAJOBS profile: A USAJOBS account and profile allows you to save jobs you are interested in, save and automate job searches, and manage the forms and other documents needed to complete job applications.Search for jobs: Be sure to sign into your USAJOBS account before doing a job search. USAJOBS uses your profile information to better mold your job search results to your needs. In addition, you can use filters such as location, salary, work schedule or agency to narrow your results.Review Job Announcements: Each job announcement includes qualifications and eligibility req uirements you must meet and include in your application. Since these qualifications and eligibility requirements may differ from job-to-job and agency-to-agency, it is important to read the job announcement completely and carefully.Prepare your application in USAJOBS: Each job announcement will include a â€Å"How to Apply† section you should read before starting the application process. To start your application, click â€Å"Apply† in the job announcement and USAJOBS will guide through the process during which you’ll attach your resume and any required documents. As you work through the application process you can review, edit, delete and update your information. USAJOBS automatically saves your work as you go.Submit your application to the agency: When your application is finished, USAJOBS sends it to the agency’s application system where can submit your application. The agency may ask you to complete other agency-specific steps such filling out an onli ne questionnaire or uploading additional documents. Once your application has been submitted, you can check its status anytime by accessing your USAJOBS account. If You Have a Disability   Persons with disabilities can learn about alternate methods of applying for federal jobs by calling the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at 703-724-1850. If you have a hearing disability, call TDD 978-461-8404. Both lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Selective Service  Requirement If you are a male over age 18 who was born after December 31, 1959, you must have registered with the Selective Service System (or have an exemption) to be eligible for a federal job. What to Include with Your Application Although the federal government does not require a standard application form for most jobs, they do need certain information to evaluate your qualifications and determine if you meet legal requirements for federal employment. If your resume or application does not provide all the information requested in the job vacancy announcement, you may lose consideration for the job. Help speed the selection process by keeping your resume or application brief and by sending only the requested material. Type or print clearly in dark ink. In addition to specific information requested in the job vacancy announcement, your resume or application must contain: The job announcement number, and title and grade(s) of the job you are applying for. All of this information will be listed in the job announcement.Personal information:- Full name, mailing address (with ZIP Code) and day and evening phone numbers (with area code)- Social Security Number- Country of Citizenship (Most jobs require US citizenship.)- Veterans preference information- Reinstatement eligibility (If requested, attach form SF 50.)- Highest Federal civilian job grade held​ if any. (Also state job series and dates held.)Education:- High School (Schools name and address, Date of diploma or GED)- Colleges or universities (Schools name and address, Majors, Type and year of degrees, or credits and hours earned.)- Send a copy of your transcript only if the job announcement calls for it.Work experience:- Supply the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience related to the job you are applying for: (Do not include job descriptions.)Job title (include seri es and grade if federal job)Duties and accomplishmentsEmployers name and addressSupervisors name and phone numberStarting and ending dates (month and year)Hours worked per weekHighest salary earned- Indicate if the hiring agency may contact your current supervisorOther Job-Related Qualifications- Job-related training courses (title and year)- Job-related skills, for example, other languages, computer software/hardware, tools, machinery, typing speed- Job-related certificates and licenses (current only)- Job-related honors, awards and special accomplishments, for example, publications, memberships in professional or honor societies, leadership activities, public speaking, and performance awards (include dates, but do not send copies of documents unless requested.)

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Genesis A Historical, Literal, And Theological Sense

For this paper, I wanted to spend time in a passage that I felt like I have completely written off and just accepted what others have told me about it for years, it is because of this that I will be writing my paper on Genesis 1:1-2:3, which teaches the creation account. I limited it to this because, for obvious reasons, I cannot include anything before this section, and after this section it goes into more detail about the creation of man for the rest of Genesis chapter two and I will not be focused on the specifics of that as much as the whole narrative of creation. Limiting the passage to anything less would take away from the narrative of scripture and would lead to me missing something. There is also a textual parallelism found in the text, but I will go further in depth on this later in the paper. The purpose of this paper is to examine Genesis 1:1-2:3 in a historical, literal, and theological sense and then to discuss what I think the intended meaning of the passage is. Historical As Dr. Emerson stated in classroom lectures, idioms are not something that occur in every passage of scripture, but in this passage there are two clear idioms. First, in verse 1:2 â€Å"the deep† and then in 1:6, â€Å"an expanse in the midst of the waters† would be two examples of idioms. For nearly two millennia there was a general consensus from Biblical scholars that held Moses as the author of the book; however, over the last 200 years there has been a change in theory that says the Pentateuch,Show MoreRelatedThe Evolution Of Young Earth Creationism1698 Words   |  7 Pagescreationism, which constitute the foundation of the position: (1) An open philosophy of science; (2) all basic types of organisms were directly created by God during the creation week of Genesis 1-2; (3) the curse of Genesis 3:14-19 profoundly affected every aspect of the natural economy; (4) The flood of Noah was a historical event, global in extent and effect. Young earth creationism shares similarities with other views, in particular, the progressive view, which will be looked at in-depth in a later sectionRead MoreThe Biblical Inspiration Of The Sacred Scripture1636 Words   |  7 PagesThe Biblical Inspiration Inspiration of the Sacred Scripture God is the absolute Being: â€Å"He has made everything suitable for its time; moreover he has put a sense of past and future into their minds† (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God reveals himself to humanity particularly through human language . Divine Revelation is personal and relational. The meaning of God’s revelation is included his words and actions given for the salvation of humanity. Interestingly, â€Å"revelation is rooted in the oral proclamationRead MoreThe Debate Between Creation And Evolution2145 Words   |  9 Pagesadvocate for each position is attempting to reconcile the apparent differences between science and Christianity. It is simply the case that they each take a different approach and give different amounts of authority to science and a literal interpretation of Genesis. The first position is that of young earth creationism. Additionally, this is what most people mean when referring to â€Å"creationism.† This is primarily due to the fact that the creationists visible in the public eye during the creation-evolutionRead MoreBook Review: Journey Through the Old Testament1538 Words   |  6 Pageshighly ambiguous to youthful, adolescent readers new to ecclesiastical documents. The scope of this textbook is decidedly comprehensive in nature, as it spends a good deal of time explaining concepts and events that took place from the book of Genesis to the prophesies regarding Jesus that close out this document and readily being the New Testament. As is the case with most textbooks in contemporary education especially that which is relevant to students at a secondary level of education JourneyRead MoreAn Analysis of Exodus 6:8-10 Essay966 Words   |  4 PagesIn Exodus 6:12, the Hebrew phrase â€Å"Poor Speaker† (NRSV), does not mean a physical speech disability in a literal sense, but rather it is used as a metaphor to describe Moses’ hesitation to speak to Pharaoh which was not only his own self-consciousness, but was also a product of Israelites disinclination towards him. A Plan of Defense I plan to start my defense by providing those arguments that claim that it was self-consciousness at Moses’ part rather than a disability. For instance, TheRead MoreThe Theory Of Progressive Evolution1726 Words   |  7 Pagesargued in the On the Origin of Species (1859)4 was still to be considered by all reasonable, educated persons as an astounding, unprecedented achievement. In historical terms, a dividing line has been reinforced between the pre and post-Darwinian worlds, emphasising the supposed difference between biological guesswork and precise judgement. A sense of caution and inquiry as well as lively internal debate on implications was not a block to overriding optimism. To the Neo-Darwinians, Darwin formed theRead MoreThe Concept Of A Paradigm Shift1640 Words   |  7 Pagesview of biology and the wider universe4. This idea of a paradigm-shift has been reiterated implicitly over time amongst others such as Shermer5. Most of the later Neo-Darwinian works making this point owe a heavy debt in terms of codifying their historical perspective to Daniel Dennett. Dennett explored the idea of positive Darwinian progress philosophically, famously describing Darwinism as a â€Å"universal acid† in Darwin s Dangerous Idea (1995)6. Dennett argued that nothing humanity was aware of subjectivelyRead MoreComparison of Plato, Aquinas, Aristotle and Augustine1464 Words   |  6 Pages‘cave bounding our human senses, begins to sound like a form of escapism from reality as we perceive it. Reason Reason is competent to know reality but it is necessary to begin with what exists in the world. Reason embodies a primacy-of-existence approach which states that knowledge of the world commences by looking at and examining what exists. Recognizing the validity of mans senses, men can increase their knowledge by augmenting the evidence of the senses through reason (i.e., throughRead MoreComparison of Plato, Aquinas, Aristotle and Augustine1473 Words   |  6 Pagesthe ‘cave bounding our human senses, begins to sound like a form of escapism from reality as we perceive it. Reason Reason is competent to know reality but it is necessary to begin with what exists in the world. Reason embodies a primacy-of-existence approach which states that knowledge of the world commences by looking at and examining what exists. Recognizing the validity of mans senses, men can increase their knowledge by augmenting the evidence of the senses through reason (i.e., throughRead MoreCritical Analysis of Genesis 1:1-2:4a Essays2625 Words   |  11 PagesGen 1:1-2:4a World Behind the text Historical and Cultural Context Genesis illustrates the way Biblical writers J (Yahwist), E (Elohist) and P (Priestly) drew upon the cultural and religious legacy of the Ancient Near East (ANE) along with its stories and imagery and transformed it to conform to a new vision of a non-mythological God and a monotheistic, superior religion. â€Å"The Pentateuch developed against the background of the Ancient Near Eastern culture first cultivated in and spread by Sumerian

When a Man Loves a Woman Free Essays

Name: Date: August 1, 2006 Course/Level/Section: BSN IV- H1Adviser: Mrs. Theorose Bustillo Reaction Paper â€Å"The Notebook† At first, when the movie showed the past details of the characters, it was boring. You cannot appreciate the movie if you don’t reach the end part. We will write a custom essay sample on When a Man Loves a Woman or any similar topic only for you Order Now It portrayed an old man whose love to her wife is measured till eternity. Love was a never ending journey. Loving her wife is part of his life. As long as his heart is still beating, love still survives. To his last breath, he still shared his love to her wife. The setting of the film was also an old and classical feature. It showed a typical place of people wearing dress and cars whose designs are present in our museums. The wife at that time was a student nurse and the husband was a soldier. Their love was destined to be apart from each other to have a wise decision at the future. Their relationship was separated due to the will of the girl’s parents. The reason of her parents was due to the financial status of the guy that has not reached to their standards. The girl belonged to a wealthy family, while the guy is form a simple life. They both decided to part ways with each other having an agreement that they still communicate with each other through letters. The guy joined the army while the girl continued her studies in nursing. Both of them hold on to their agreement. Unknowingly, the parents of the girl kept the letter of the guy leading to doubt and misconception of the girl that the guy probably found another one. So, the girl met someone who she fells in loved with. They were both engaged. They guy still have faith that their love is still alive. He still continued to fulfil the dreams that they both promised with the girl. He went home and constructed their dream house. When he first arrived at his home place, he looked for the girl. Unluckily, he found the girl kissing with another guy. Depressed as he looked and feel; he still managed to finish renovating their dream house. On the marriage day of the girl, she had a glimpsed of the news paper. She then saw a picture of a house for sale with the guy selling it. He felt shocked and collapsed after she saw the picture. Because of that incident, the wedding was postponed. She then asked for time and space to his future husband for settling things first. She went back to the guy that she first fell in love with. They met with each other. They have their first impressions. These impressions involved love and faith that it can still work put. Then came the dilemma. The girl was confused on who to choose. The guy whom she first shared her love that only her parents are the reason why they separated or the guy who helped her coped from her emotional problem then later developed loved. He picked the first guy. And at the end, she never had regrets. When they aged with their lives, the wife suffered from a chronic mental disorder whose clinical description is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is characterize by a continuous loss of memory both the short and the long term memory. It progresses until the person dies. Good for the wife because she wrote her memories with his husband on a diary. The diary where composed of past moments that they have shared with each other when they where still young. With this diary, the husband continues to read it, hoping that he can help cure her wife from the disease. She reads the diary day by day having the same content. Sad to say, there is no treatment to this kind of disease. The wife cannot recognize that the person telling her the story was his husband. The wife also cannot recognize her children and grandchildren. There are some instances that the wife can recall the story being told by the old person which is his husband. She has flash-backs in her mind that the story being told was her story. The place where they stayed was their past house that was developed into an institution for old people or other wise known as home for the aged. Their where doctors, nurses and personnel who where in charged in taking care of the aged people. Both the husband and wife who owned the place are patients of the institution. The husband was not that defective that he should stay in the institution. But because of her love to her wife, she joined with her and involved himself with the therapy to her wife. – E N D – How to cite When a Man Loves a Woman, Papers

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Recruitment and Selection Procedure an Example of the Topic Business Essays by

Recruitment and Selection Procedure Abstract In every business the key to success is directly connected with its well developed strategies. The criteria that are used to select and recruit employees make part of the strategy that is aimed to success in business. Depending on the strategies of a certain business the criteria of selection and recruitment are developed accordingly. Consequently, the recruitment and selection criteria of a company that is customer centered will differ from that of employee centered and vice versa. Need essay sample on "Recruitment and Selection Procedure" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Our Customers Very Often Tell EssayLab support: I'm not in the mood to write my essay. Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend Essay writers advise: Help With Essay Writing Online Essay Helper Hire Writers For Blogs Write Your Paper For You Essay Writing Company Recruitment and Selection Procedure in the Lincoln Electric Company and Southwest Airlines This study examines the recruitment and selection procedures in two major companies - the Lincoln Electric Company and Southwest Airlines. It explores the main reasons of their success touching upon issues concerning customers, unionism, employees and others. It also describes, evaluates and compares the two companies main strategies that influence the employees recruitment and selection procedure. Lincoln Electrical Company The Lincoln Electrical Company is known to be the best in the design, development and manufacture of arc-welding, products, plasma and of fuel cutting equipments and robotic arc-welding systems. It started its business in 1895 and till now has an immense success in its filed. The reason for this is its well developed strategy concerning the customers, employees and stockholders. For the Lincoln Electrical Company the customers interests are in the first place. According to James Lincoln, the active head of the company in 1914 customers interests should be the first goal of industry as When any company has achieved success so that it is attractive as an investment, all money usually needed for expansion is supplied by the customer in retained earnings.(Schuler, Jackson, Werner 2008, p.561) In the Lincoln Electrical Company employee takes the second important place after the customer as only through the employee productivity and performance the customer interest can be satisfied, which is the main goal of the company. (p. 562). According to James Lincoln the employee should be eager to be a part of a team. He should be honest towards his management, properly organized and have no desire to make profits for those who are inactive people. These are the criteria that are used to select and recruit employees in the Lincoln Electrical Company. In order to increase the productivity and performance of employees and to meet their needs the Company created certain strategies: The first concerns recruitment and selection procedures. The employee in the Lincoln Electrical Company is given an opportunity to be promoted. New job opportunities are advertised within the company and any employee willing can apply for it. Hiring from outside is possible only for entry-level positions. After application of employees personal interviews are made and selection is made on the bases of these interviews. (p. 564). The second strategy of the Lincoln Electrical Company towards high productivity and performance of the employee is the strategy of employee evaluation. Every employee is evaluated by his/her supervisor twice a year with special cards that evaluate employee performance using different criteria or competencies such as leadership/ownership, decision making and judgment, quality and customer focus etc. The results of the evaluation influence bonus decisions. (p. 564). Another strategy of the Lincoln Electrical Company for high productivity and performance is the opportunity of the employee to own stock and compensation. At Lincoln all productive workers and others are paid by piece rate. Established piece rates are not changed, but every year a portion of annual profits is given to employees as bonuses. Individual bonuses are proportional to merit rating scores. (p.565) Perhaps, that is why each worker in the Lincoln Electrical Company is proceeding busily and thoughtfully about the task at hand. Most of them even dont take coffee breaks. What about the supervisors, they are so busy with their planning and record keeping duties that have no time to pay attention to those under their supervision. (p. 563). The Lincoln Electrical Company is against unionism and organization chart, instead an open-door policy is conducted in the company, which means that personnel are encouraged to take problems to the persons who are most capable to resolve them. For me the above mentioned is not encouraging. It gives me a sense that the employees are robots the main task of which is to earn and again earn money. I wouldnt bear working in such a company for a long period of time. This may be afforded for only a short period of time and only in case if I am really in need. The same cannot be said about the Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines The Southwest is the cheapest airline in the US, but it is considered to be one of the major airlines because of its advantage of having outstanding level of customer service and a reputation for being on time. The key to this success is the strategy of understanding and appreciation of its people. (p. 544). That is why unlike the Lincoln Electrical Company the employees are in the first place in here. People and culture are major concerns of Southwest. Southwest has a unique culture that embodies the companys greatest strengths. It connects the fortunes of the company with the people who are responsible for it and retains the employees who may turn to Southwests competitors. (p.544). Southwest is very serious in selecting applicants, as it needs to find the right people to fit the unique culture of Southwest. (p. 556). Usually there are many applications for each job opening in Southwest as it has a reputation of a great place to work. The human resource management that is called People Department at Southwest plays an important role in selection process as Southwest pays much attention to the selection process, they can spend the money up front on the selection process to find the right people as they believe that it becomes worthwhile. Southwests customers are one of the main constituencies of the company. Customer satisfaction, which is possible through the successful management of customer expectation, is very important for the Company. This includes Customer service provided with friendliness, caring, warmth, and company spirit. (p. 549). That is why in Southwest great emphases are made on attitude. In Southwest they believe that they can train you on whatever you need to do, but they cant change your inherent attitude. (p. 551). They look for the people who have a blend of energy, humor, team spirit, and self-confidence. These key character features are used to indicate how well the candidates will perform and fit in with its own unique culture. (p. 551).Candidates attitudes are assessed from the moment they are called to be interviewed. The selection procedures in Southwest are made in the form of personality tests, interviews, or other assessments. The selection and placement decisions are made by a panel of line managements and specialized representatives from the People Department and also with the participation of present employees in the spirit of true partnership. (p. 552). .A great attention is also paid to the employees personality and values which is identified through personality test and interviews. As employees are very important for the Southwest employee satisfaction is another important indicator of the company success. Taking into consideration the above mentioned Southwest supports the idea of unionism and maintains harmonious relations with the unions (p. 553), which one can not say about the Lincoln Electrical Company. Like Lincoln Electrical Company there are a number of different variable pay programs in Southwest which include profit sharing and stock purchase plans for employee satisfaction. Southwest also rewards their employees. The awards that are given to employees who perform high quality of work occur at the local and corporate level. The awards usually come with plaques, monetary payments, photos taken during the awards ceremony etc. This is quite the opposite of what happens in the Lincoln Electrical Company where under the word awards one understands bonus incentives. Southwest is the company where I would work with great pleasure. It differs from the Lincoln Electrical Company first of all because of its strategy of being employee centered. It gives a feeling of a family. I especially like the way employees are treated. In Lincoln Electrical Company employees work for the money; in Southwest they work because they feel that they are a part of a big family, they dont care only about money but also about the prosperity and welfare of their company and this attitude is praiseworthy. As they say, if you want to be treated well, treat the others well. References Schuler R.S., Jackson, S. E., Werner, S. (2008). Integrative Case, the Lincoln Electric Company. Managing Human Resources (pp.560-575) 10th edition Schuler R.S., Jackson, S. E., Werner, S. (2008). Integrative Case, Southwest Airlines. Managing Human Resources (pp.544-559) 10th editio

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Essay on Comm 119

Essay on Comm 119 Essay on Comm 119 Purchasing Final Study Notes Ch 1 Corporate Supply Challenges - increased outsourcing places great reliance on suppliers to respond to end-customer needs. - greater dependence on suppliers for design and build responsibilities for complete subassemblies and subsystems. - increased global competition - development of new product technologies - evolving information systems - trend to single sourcing with fewer key suppliers and strategic supplier relationships Corporate Supply Opportunities - identify opportunities to reduce unit costs for products and services - identify opportunities to increase revenue - implement supply initiatives to improve customer satisfaction - reduce total costs of ownership - improve efficiency and effectiveness of the supply process - maximize value from suppliers - work with key supplier to provide product and service innovations Evolution of Supply Function Early 1900's: Clerical and tactical, focus on policies and procedures, key challenges: availability of supply and cost management Early 21st Century: strategic orientation, global supply chains, executive level leadership, key challenges: sustainability, security, globalization, risk and management. ROA - Return On Assets - The return on assets (ROA) percentage shows how profitable a company's assets are in generating revenue. ROA can be commuted as: ROA= Net Income/Average Total Assets Opportunities for Contribution of the Supply Function - Profit leverage effect - Return on Assets effect - information source - effect on efficiency - effect on competitive position and customer satisfaction - effect on organizational risk - effect on image - training ground - Management strategy and social policy Ch 2 3 levels of strategic planning: Corporate, Unit, and Function Supply Strategy Interpreted in Organizational Strategy: Supply objectives-Organizational objectives-Organizational strategy-Supply strategy 6 Major Supply Strategy Areas 1)assurance of supply 2)cost reduction 3)supply chain and support 4)environmental change 5)competitve edge 6)risk management 3 Categories of Supply Risk: Operational, FInancial, and Reputational. 4 Possible Changed Organizational Strategies Involving Purchasing: 1) Materials management 2) Project management 3)Logistics management. OR supply chain management 4) Just In TIme purchasing(production) Supply Chain Questions: What... - Make or buy - Standard VS. Special Quality... - Now VS later - Forward buy (advance) How Much... - Large VS Small Quantities Who... - Centralized VS De-Centralized - Quality of Staff - Top Management Involvement When... - Now VS Later - Forward buy (advance) What Price... - Premium, Standard, Lower - Cost-based, market-based - Lease, Make, Buy Ch 3 9 Goals of Supply 1) improve the organizations competitive position 2) provide an uninterpreted flow of materials, supplies and services required to operate the organization 3) keep the inventory investment and loss at a minimum 4)maintain and improve quality 5) find or develop best in-class suppliers 6) standardize the items and services bought and the processes used to procure them 7) purchase required items and services at lowest total cost of ownership 8) achieve harmonious, productive internal relationships 9) accomplish supply objectives at the lowest possible opportunity costs Structure Options for Large Organizations: Centralized, Hybrid, and De-Centralized. Potential Advantages & DisAdvantages of Centralization Adv: Critical mass, strategic focus, common suppliers, reporting line power, and effective planning and research DisAdv: Lack of job flexibility, lack of recognition of unique needs, distance from users, lack of business unit focus, and narrow specification and job boredom. Potential Advantages & Disadvantages of De-Centralization: Adv: speed of response, broad job specification, hide cost of supply, reporting

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4 Awful Situations You Might Find Yourself in if You Could Not Hire Online

4 Awful Situations You Might Find Yourself in if You Could Not Hire Online 4 Awful Situations You Might Find Yourself in if You Could Not Hire Online Hiring a writer online is something you reserve for times when your workload is overwhelming or the task is very challenging and you need the extra help. But imagine a world without the option to hire a custom essay writer online. 1. You Don’t Have Time to Do Other More Important Tasks With all you have on your plate there will be times when the work is simply too much. What if you have something important, like the wedding of a close family member, that you are forced to miss because you need to write a paper? What a disappointment that would be to you and your family. 2. You Have so Much Work You Have No Time for a Job How will you pay for expenses and necessities when you are constantly strapped for time due to the demands of school? The reason you are attending college is to have a career and find a job which improves your finances, but how will that workout if you can not afford to eat now because you can not work? 3. You Never Go out You are young, so are your friends. They find time to go out and enjoy life, but you are always stuck at home because of the demands of school. Life should not be all work and no play, which is no life at all. Hiring a custom essay writer online will free up some time for you to relax a little and enjoy life. 4. You Have Sleepless Nights and Suffer from the Insomniac Hangover You know what we are talking about. That feeling you have when you have been up all night, hunched over your desk typing or writing. Then you look up at the clock and suddenly the sun is out again and it is time to attend your first class. That groggy, sleepy, worn out feeling you have as you force yourself through the day, fighting to stay awake and do whatever it is you need to do. Life does not need to be this way. Give yourself permission to skip nights like this and hire a custom essay writer so you can sleep easy. A world without the option to hire online is a scary thought. While it is true that you should not hire a writer online for every task and assignment, the fact that they are available when you need them is a relief. They are there when you are rushed for time and can not edit nor proofread a long, lengthy paper. You know how to perform these tasks, so you are not missing out on experience when you hire online. It’s just that you simply don’t have the time unless you sacrifice other important events in your life. Give yourself some freedom and take care of your social and academic life at the same time and get a little help with that paper. You will be glad you did.

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Critique of Vita Wallaces' essay Give Children the Vote

Critique of Vita Wallaces' Give Children the Vote - Essay Example However, these rights, if not controlled especially to those less than 18 years would eventually be misunderstood turning to be a liability to the society. In her essay, Wallace believes that children under the age of 18 years have the right to vote (Eschholz et. al. 315). To her, the account of age should not be a stumbling block. In her article, she presents her views on the significance of educating children and giving every child the right to vote. Wallace says that in passing the law against child labor and provision for compulsory schooling, the involved, which she refers to as well-meaning people aimed at protecting every child from any form of exploitation. She believes that the decision about schooling I personal. According to her, no punishment should be given in case children choose not to attend school. Rather, she asserts that at whatever age suitable for children to vote, the right should be given. She says, â€Å"What I suggest is that children be allowed to grow into their own right to vote at whatever rate suits them individually† (315). The word individually helps eliminate the aspect of generalization. Accordi ng to her, age limit would hinder capable children from voting. It is from this assertion that Wallace believes that children should have the right to vote. The common believe that if given the chance to vote children will vote in favor of their parents, in effect giving more votes to the parents should, according to Wallace, not be the case (316). Although many of the readers of this article consider Wallace argument thoughtful, I disagree with her point of view. In the entire essay, she presents her opinion. However, the major claim of this assertion could appear as fact or a judgment (Cooper 5). This shows how he overlooks the Toulmin’s theory of argument (Cooper 3). As an activist, she uses an interesting approach, which convinces many readers. Despite her powerful approach, I consider her unsuccessful. Her major claim,